Introducing Differential Growth Addon for Blender

Latest Release · Tutorial Video

There’s something inexplicably fascinating about the shapes and patterns occurring in nature.

Foliose lichen mesh
Xanthoria foliose lichen mesh, procedurally generated.

People have always been attracted to organic forms, as is evidenced by an endless number of various design elements found in human craft and art since prehistoric times; the “Mother Nature” has always been a source of inspiration and symbolism for people throughout the globe. The desire to contemplate and reflect upon the organic processes seems to be an inherent part of human nature.

In search for beauty people have come up with a large number of tools and ways to produce organic patterns.

Today I’m proud to introduce my humble contribution to the generative art ecosystem — Differential Growth Addon for Blender. Fully in-line with Blender Manifesto, it’s open source, completely free to use and built with tons of love.

A few examples follow.

Lettuce-like form produced from a unit circle with standard settings and gradually reducing Split Radius, resulting in finer detalization towards the end of simulation.
Lichen-like form produced by inhibiting inner growth and limiting Z movement.
Algae-like form produced by adding growth along Z+ and inhibiting inner growth.

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Most importantly, have fun!